Lodge Annual Diary

Lodge Annual Diary

Clausentum Lodge meets SIX TIMES A YEAR, on the first Wednesday in, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, OCT, NOV & DEC, except the JULY meeting which is always on the first Tuesday of July because of the Grand Lodge meeting in Southampton each year. We always perform  1st-degree Ceremonies in APR and JUL and the Install meeting is in DEC. All meetings start at 18.30hrs except the July and Dec ones which start at 18.00hrs.

We have LOI on a Wednesday night at 19.00hrs with rehearsal and GP on the Friday night before the meeting at 20.00hrs.

The July meeting is our Wardens Night and is called The Crab and strawberry Meeting and is normally very well supported, with numbers and guest. On some of these meeting the numbers are up around 120, and as been as many as 140.

It is so called The Crab and Strawberry Night as when the lodge once met in a public house very near to the Woolston Masonic Hall in the early days of the lodge. Many of it’s members were farmers and local fisherman so from that came our Crab & Strawberry Evenings. It was also for many years run by a much sought after brother, W.Bro Peter Crab who sadly past away, and is much missed by all the brethren of the lodge.

CLAUSENTUM is the old Roman name for Southampton