A Brief History

June 25, 2019

Clausentum Lodge No 1461 was granted it’s warrant 25th September 1873 and the lodge consecration on 19th November 1873.

The Lodge first held its meeting’s in The Woolston Inn in Portsmouth Road Woolston Southampton.

And was founded from brethren who were farmers and fishermen around the area.

One member of the lodge gave the plot of land where the Woolston Masonic Centre is now as a gift for Clausentum Lodge to have a Masonic Hall built on it.

Clausentum Lodge then started to let other lodges meet there for a small rent, and the hall went from strength to strength.

Clausentum Lodge was the daughter lodge of Lodge of Peace and Harmony Lodge No 359 and the sister lodge of Twelve Brothers Lodge No 785.

Many other lodges then followed, Vespasian Lodge No4222, Netley Abbey Lodge No 6989, Hamtun Lodge No 7083, Pear Tree Lodge No7954, Homelea Lodge No 8151, Brook House Lodge No 8606, Thomas Bennett Langton Lodge No 9224, William Fawcett Lodge No 8612, Crofton Lodge No 8365. 

A few of the above lodges met at other Masonic Halls in Southampton area.

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